Size Guide

For bracelets we suggest you measure both your wrist and hand circumference, and compare these measurements with bracelets that you may already own.

The easiest way to do measure hand circumference is to hold up the number 4 (four fingers with your thumb tucked) and tighten your fingers to make the smallest circumference, then measure around the widest area.  Remember that hands are dynamic so measurements typically have up to an inch of extra wiggle room for bangles.  However, pieces are fragile so it's best to find a size that will comfortably accommodate your hands. 

For example: my wrist measurement is 6in, but my circumference measurement using the above guideline is 7.5in. My most comfortable bangle size is a s-m or medium size but I can fit small and xs-s sizes with 7in circumference as well.

If you do not see a size that works for you, email us to request a custom order.  We would love to make something that fits you :)

Please note that bracelet and cuff shapes are not perfectly circular or symmetrical (nor are our bodies!). Diameters are measured at the widest points. Sizes below are arbitrary and based on a general estimate.  If you have size or size chart suggestions feel free to reach out!

Bracelet size chart (bangles) -

xs- circumference: 7in and below , diameter: 2.25in and below

small- circumference: 7 in and above, diameter: 2.25-2.5in

medium- circumference: 7-8.5in , diameter: 2.5in and above

large- circumference: 8.5in and above, diameter: 2.75in and above

extra large- circumference: 9in and above, diameter: 2.75 in and above